Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

CranberrystrueselWe headed off to the lodge to spend Thanksgiving day with my father-in-law.  He cooked!  Fabulous!  Even better-he's a great cook!  I got to make desert - helped with this one.  Here's the recipe.  Yummy!  Cranberry Streusel - Tart and sweet, you can't skip vanilla ice cream with this one! 

MaxmustacheMax was bored..imagine that!  So he devised..on his own.. to create a costume and game where he is a gun salesman.  Yes, folks...I am concerned too.  He even had contracts all written up that when you buy a gun, you had to sign your life away.  I need to quiz him a little more on where that all came from

ThanksgivingfireOther than that - I sat by the fire and began my newest pair of socks, Simple Trekking Socks - yep, I know I am about 2.5 years behind the trend.  I have another pair of finished socks to post..just gotta get the pics taken.  I also started and finished Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair by Laurie Perry...aka Crazy Aunt Purl.  I have read her blog for over a year now, and specifically made Scott stop at Walmart so I could buy the book.  When your son keeps asking you what are you laughing at - that's all the book review you need!

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