Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Traditions

Ali Edwards wrote about her holiday traditions and I thought it was a good idea to copy her! :)  So here are our old traditions along with some new.

Old -

New PJ's for Max for Xmas eve - this dates back to when I was a kid!  Sometimes scratchy, always a nightgown..second thought, I remember some feety ones too.  Max does not really wear pajamas - loves to take after Daddy with wearing boxers to bed....we'll see what we can find.

Going snow-tubing one Saturday before the holiday.  We go to Trollhagen in Dresser, WI.  It was really fun last year!  I'll have to edit this post and put some pics from last year.  We went with the Hales last year. 

Watch Bing Crosby's White Christmas - I have done this for as long as I can remember, about 10 years ago, I bought the video. 

Set-up my Santa display and bell garland - Growing up, we had this gold bell garland and about 3 years ago, I found some, so that always brings back memories!  Untangling then and now is always fun.  Santa display started 14 years ago when I took my first painting class and painted Father Xmas.  It's grown from there.

Shrimp cocktail for xmas eve - We do love our snackies!   

Gifts from Santa on the fireplace mantel - our first xmas with Max - I came out to get a drink of water and all of Santa's presents had moved from underneath the tree to the lower mantel.  So I moved them back.  The next morning, Scott was like - what the...santa always leaves the presents on the mantel...well, my santa always left them under the tree...we now leave them on the mantel. :) 

Shopping with Mom and Lori - this is a new/old tradition in that Mom has been gone now for 7 years, but I still think about it each year.  I really miss her.  Scott and I now go shopping together for Max.  That is actually very fun because I have been informed that I don't have a clue about what to buy for a boy.  It's true, if it were up to me, the kid would have all art supplies and books.  It is very cute to watch Scott in Toys R Us. 

New traditions:

Going to AZ for a week!  We are very excited to visit both Scott's family and mine! 

I would love to take Max out one night to see lights - we'll have to figure that one out. 

Holiday Ornament Exchange - I have, I think 8 or 10 ornaments to make before 12/15.  I am about 1/2 done - will post pics when they are finished. 

Now I have the bug to think of more.  Off to watch the season premier of Universe on the history channel - I have been told to stop blogging now!

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